A Complete Laptop Table Buying Guide | (Top Recommendations)

Key Points To Look For While Buying A Laptop Table

Here's looking at the factors to consider before purchasing your desired laptop table:

1. Durability :

Laptop tables should be durable but lightweight. A laptop table should be sturdy enough to last a long time, which is why laptop tables made of metal or wood are ideal. If you use a lightweight laptop, a plastic table might also work for you. Ensure your laptop stand is resistant to rough use.

 2. Sizing :

Therefore, one must consider the size of their laptop when buying a laptop stand. Make sure your laptop fits the table perfectly (if you are doubtful, go for a slightly larger table to remain on the safe side).

3. Adjustability :

Adjustable option is a must-have for a good laptop table. Laptops are portable devices, and hence it is imperative for your laptop stand to be adjustable. The adjustable property of height and angle will come in handy while working in various positions to suit your needs.

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4. Portability :

Laptop stands come in various different models. Depending on your style of working, you can choose a stand that is portable or fixed. If you are someone who likes to work in a particular designated area, a wall-mounted non-portable laptop stand might work best for you. But if you are someone who likes to change your working space depending on your mood, opt for a portable, height-adjustable laptop stand instead.

5. Aesthetics :

Appearance is one major priority when choosing anything, let alone laptop tables. So, on top of being durable and sturdy, check out laptop stands that fit your style and aesthetics. If you are planning to set up a work-from-home station, try to find a laptop stand that will fit your home decor.

A workplace that looks good will make you feel better and, in turn, boost your productivity.

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 Best Laptop Tables In India

1. Portronics My Buddy D Wood Multipurpose Laptop Table :


The Portronics My Buddy R Wood Multipurpose laptop table will be a perfect addition to your work-from-home station. Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the user, this table is sturdy, durable, and looks great anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Adjustability: Highly flexible and adjustable, this table is perfect for any age group. With an initial height of 80 cm, you can adjust the table to an extra 52 cm. It fits every requirement for every age group.
  • High-quality material: Crafted with pre laminated particleboard and extra strong metal pipes, the table can bear upto 10 kg in weight.
  • Ease of assembly: Comes with an instruction manual and set of necessary screws and tools that let you assemble this product in under 20 minutes.

Price range: INR 3,000

Buy the Portronics My Buddy Multipurpose laptop table here


2. VERSA TABLE (Multi-Purpose Laptop Table) :


Meet the do-it-all of laptop tables. As the name suggests, the Versa Table is a versatile piece of equipment that can be adjusted for all of your requirements. It truly is the one-size-fits-all of laptop tables.

Key Features: 

  • Change the height, angle, and pace to suit your requirements.
  • Comes with an inbuilt lock-in system that lets you work in even the steepest angles without the fear of your top sliding off.
  • Premium castor wheels that let you move around the table along with you.

Price range: INR 11,999

Buy the Versa Table here

3. Cherry Foldable Study Desk :


If minimalism is your style, this Cherry Foldable Study Desk is the perfect fit for you. Sleek, modern, and to the point, the cherry foldable desk will truly be a wonderful addition to your home office. It is a highly versatile piece that can be used for your DIY projects or maybe even a little coffee date with yourself on the balcony.

Key features:

  • Sturdy metal base with modern sled legs.
  • Comes with a castor wheel that allows you to move the table around.
  • Made with top-quality Indian engineered wood.
  • Save space when not in use as the product is foldable to a compact form.

Price range: INR 4,200

Buy the Cherry Foldable study desk here


Final Words

Perfect work equipment is extremely important for a healthy work-life. Especially in the work from home era we are in, using your dining table or bed to get work done wouldn't cut it. We hope our comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect laptop stand was helpful to you.

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Work productively, work smartly.