Complete Guide On How To Choose The Best WFH Furniture

COVID-19 brought the entire world down to its knees and confined hundreds of millions of people to their homes. Although the situation appears to be in control now, businesses are still apprehensive about calling their employees to the office.

Hence, most companies have adopted a hybrid working style.

Since you would now be expected to operate from your office for two days a week and work remotely for the rest of the days, setting up a nice and comfy home office should be your priority.

Need help in choosing and buying WFH furniture online?

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Why Should You Invest in Top-Quality WFH Furniture?

So working from home has both perks and pitfalls.

You don't necessarily have to waste precious hours commuting to and from your office—which happens to be a major perk. On the other hand, there's a hazy line between office hours and off-duty hours, which if not sorted can cause physical and mental burnout.

Physical exhaustion typically occurs due to long hours before the computer, improper posture, lack of neck and back support, and so on.

Do you know how you can avoid such physical burnout? By investing in good quality Work From Home furniture.

Find yourself good furniture that is specifically designed to offer support and comfort to your back and spine and say goodbye to all kinds of physical comforts. 

Here's how good furniture can make WFH comfortable:

  • Work from home chairs, tables, and other furniture come with adjustable height, armrest, seat size, upholstery, backrest, and head support.
  • WFH furniture can be customized and adjusted according to the individual's size, height, and other requirements.
  • Ergonomic furniture provides proper support for the back, avoids fatigue, and mitigates any health issues that may arise due to improper posture.

All these features make WFH furniture a must-have when operating from a home office.

7 Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing WFH Furniture

Here is a checklist to help you ensure you are investing in the right furniture:

1. Your furniture should be in tune with your nature of work :

Be it incessant typing, paperwork, or client negotiation, furniture requirement varies depending on the work nature.

So, make a list of your daily duties and buy furniture accordingly. For instance, home office height adjustable desks offer a huge storage space (needed for those dealing with paperwork), and cabinets provide shelves & drawers for easy organization.

 2. Get the hang of your workspace :

Before zeroing in on any furniture, it is important to decide the dimensions of your workspace to help you decide on the furniture size. For instance, if you are planning to convert a sparingly used bedroom into a workspace, you have the advantage of space and can afford to go all-out with your choice.

However, if your workspace is going to be the unused end of a dining table or a small space next to your sofa, you have to be very calculative. It's best to invest in ambient lighting and decor items in such cases.

3. Always keep comfort in mind :

Sitting in front of a screen for long hours is sure to take a toll on your neck, shoulders, and back. So, while buying chairs, make sure to pick one with adjustable height and tilt back options. Also, upholstered home office chairs come with a cushioned layer that makes long sitting hours comfortable.

 4. Stick to your budget :

Set aside a fixed budget for WFH furniture to prevent overspending. If you are starting from scratch, spend most of your allocated funds on ergonomic chairs, desks, and WFH tables. If you still have any leftovers in the budget, think about investing in decor, storage, and organization.

The good news is, there are a host of quality furniture options at different price points on TheHomeOffice, if you'd like to check them out!

5. Lighting is an essential aspect :

Add an ambient light source to your home office to complement the main light. This will make your office aesthetically pleasing and improve productivity.

6. Look for quality material

It's obvious that the material of your WFH chairs or tables should be of top quality. Do not get carried away by flashy fabrics that generate a lot of heat. This can put you in a lot of discomfort. Go for soft and breathable material that is comfortable and cozy.

 7. Leverage your styling skills :

Once you know the types of furniture you require, use your decorating skills to zero in on suitable options.

You can choose one of the below styles:

  • Modern: A minimalist approach with geometric shapes and streamlined forms.
  • Vintage: Old school patterns or damask, extravagant lamps, and solid wooden furniture.
  • Contemporary: It is a combination of modern and vintage styles. Marbles, polished metals, and glass fall under this style.

With the worldwide lockdown in place, work from home emerged as the only option to conduct business operations. Even now, it is the preferred option for the majority of employees to work from the comfort of their homes.

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Final Words

The work from home model is here to stay—and that explains the need for comfortable and ergonomic WFH furniture for WFH employees. If you are in the market looking for quality WFH furniture to purchase, we recommend taking a look at TheHomeOffice's large collection of chairs, tables, ergonomic designs, and decor items to take your home office to the next level!