Work From Home Setup Ideas For Developers

Since the Covid'19 pandemic brought forth a new norm in conducting work operations, remote job opportunities for developers have been at an all-time high. The new digital era has also created a boom in freelance jobs—so much that scores of 9 to 5-ers are now quitting their jobs to pursue remote work.

If you are a developer embracing the freelance model or pursuing a full-time job, it is highly recommended that you invest in a quality work-from-home setup to keep your productivity levels intact.

Time to upgrade your home office setup? Let's go!

Benefits of Work From Home Setup

The work from the home model is a boon for working professionals, particularly those expected to wade through insane traffic every day to get to work. Since the pandemic did away with this needless commuting to the office, it considerably increased job-goers' productivity and mental health.

Let us have a look at some benefits of working from home:

1. Saves Time And Money Spent On Commuting :

Commuting to the office is a nightmare, especially for those living in big cities since they spend considerable time on the road every day. 

Research has associated the following health issues with commuting around 10 miles every day.

  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • High blood sugar
  • Greater chance of depression & anxiety.

The WFH model saves a ton of money and time for employees as they spend more hours at work rather than on the road. Ditching the commute takes away a lot of the mental stress which in turn improves work efficiency. 


2. Allow to Pursue Work-Life Balance :


Remote work comes with time flexibility, which means employees can start and end their day at their comfort, so long as their timeliness and productivity are not affected. This flexibility helps you attend to your family's needs, thereby creating a perfect work-life balance. 

Be it helping with household chores, dropping your kids at school, or even enrolling in online classes, you can accommodate all your duties when you operate from home.


3. Lets You Convert Any Corner Of The World Into A Workspace :

The biggest advantage of remote working is the luxury of working from anywhere by overcoming geographic boundaries. You get to keep the traveler in you alive without waiting for weekends or holidays. 

You also have an economic advantage. You can still have a career in a metropolitan city while living in a small town which helps you save on rent and the cost of living.

The best part? Even as you work from your residence, you can transform any corner of your home into a workspace. Set it up with your preferred decor items, a comfy chair, an ambient desk lamp—practically go nuts with the setup! It's all up to you!


4. Better Diversity And Inclusivity :

Remote working empowers companies to hire people of different nationalities and embrace diversity. This inclusivity cannot be accomplished if recruiters have to stick to a particular location. 

Remote working has opened many avenues for people with limitations in moving to a foreign country. In short, WFH has widened career prospects. 

Employers provide employees the comfort of sticking to their community and location by supporting work from home. 


5.Increased Productivity And Efficiency :

Remote working means fewer interruptions and being devoid of unwanted office politics that increase stress levels. This allows you to focus on your tasks and enhance productivity levels.

It is important to note here that a comfortable and positively-ambient work office plays a huge role in boosting productivity levels.

For instance, investing in a sturdy, height-adjustable chair (you have the option to choose your own chair!) means you can say goodbye to sore back and neck pains.

With no bodily issues to trouble you, you can focus on meaningful tasks and improve performance. In addition to that, you can bring potted plants into your workplace to brighten up your mood when you feel lethargic.

According to recent surveys, employees' productivity went a few notches higher when they operated from home.

Yep, remote working comes with many benefits—most of which are a result of setting up a comfortable work office at home.


Must-Have Work-From -Home Accessories for Developers and programmers

As the world is gradually coming out of the pandemic grip, the one government policy that is stay put, at least for professionals in tech, is the work from home option.

So, all you programmers and developers out there, make yourselves comfortable in a stylish and cozy workspace with all the essential accessories.

Let us help you transform your work corner into an enviable workspace.

Here's a list of accessories from TheHomeOffice Store to make remote working smoother for programmers and developers: 

1. Table Decor :

Do you dislike working at a mundane desk? You are not alone. Research says the environment plays an important role in productivity. It means the more interesting and creative your ambiance gets, the more efficient and productive you will be.

There are unique top-quality and pocket-friendly table decors to instantly amp up the appeal of your workplace. From desk lamps and leather mats to smartphone holders and speakers, our range of home decor accessories will make you fall in love with working.

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2. WFH Furniture :


Our homes have become our comfort den and workspace. The type of furniture you use should serve both these purposes. Upgrade your workspace with quality WFH furniture, and trust us, you will never want to return to your office cubicle.

  • WFH tables: A perfect office table is the most important investment for your home office. Be it organizing your files, accommodating all your supplies, and supporting your elbows to minimize the strain on your shoulder, your table does it all. 
  • WFH chairs: A table without a chair is like a cup without tea. A good chair will have your back quite literally. A good office chair will support your neck, shoulders, back, and even feet, thereby helping you easily breeze through your office hours.

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3. Height Adjustable Desk :

Staring at your screen for long hours in an uncomfortable position will adversely impact your health. Get yourself a height-adjustable desk and do your body a favor.

A height-adjustable desk will enable you to work in both standing and sitting positions. This prevents low blood supply to the legs, which usually occurs when you sit for a long time. 

Also, sitting for long hours can put heavy pressure on your back. You can find many options in height-adjustable desks that will suit all your comfort requirements.

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4. Virtual Meeting Accessories and Equipment :

Here are some accessories and equipment that make virtual meetings comfortable and hassle-free.

  • Wireless USB adapter: It is a sleek, wireless adapter and can be easily plugged into your computer. It provides speedy transmissions and avoids buffering. 
  • Portable Bluetooth headphones: These are essential for virtual meetings as they cancel the outside noise, thereby helping you focus better.

A laptop stand, CRU router, Whiteboard with a removable white film, study desk, and Wifi data card are some of the other accessories you need for a comfortable virtual meeting. 

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5. Laptop Stands and Accessories :

Carrying a laptop wherever you go and placing it on your lap for working is sure uncomfortable. Say goodbye to the discomfort by investing in good laptop stands and accessories.

The ones you find on TheHomeOffice store have an ergonomic design; they provide anti-slip protection, ventilation to avoid overheating, and so on. 

Wireless keyboards, extension cords, and wireless mouse are some other important laptop accessories you should invest in.

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6. Monitors :


Monitors are the central aspect of a home office. Investing in a good monitor, blue-light resistant monitor will take away strain from your eyes. There are a host of options available in monitors with TN panel connectivity, eye protection (anti-glare & flicker-free screen), power saving options, and a variety of picture models depending on the purpose (like custom, text, photo, game, etc.). 

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7. Comfortable and Ergonomic Chairs :


A good comfortable chair is a necessity, be it a regular office or a home office. 

There is a curated range of ergonomic chairs to suit your every need at TheHomeOffice. Employees sit for an average of 3000 hours per year for work. This explains the importance of having a good comfortable chair while working.

Ergonomic chairs offer great support to the neck and back, thereby maintaining good posture. They have a range of backrest options like low back, high back, and medium back to perfectly fit your requirement.

Final Words

If you are a programmer or a developer working from home, you might be working from home for quite some time.

So, invest in good-quality WFH furniture and protect your health. If you are looking for ideas, do visit our TheHomeOffice store for top-quality WFH furniture at affordable prices.