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The novel COVID-19 pandemic that swept across the globe challenged us in unimaginable ways. It forced people to redefine typical behavior and activities like commuting to work, interacting with colleagues, holidaying during time-off, and even carrying out daily tasks. It impacted work operations worldwide, bringing a variety of economic sectors to their knees. 

With businesses and companies seeking alternate work arrangements, work from home became the new norm.

The luxury of working from home and not having to waste hours, drowned in the insane city traffic is a boon for sure. However, there is a very real risk of developing health issues by sitting in the wrong posture for long hours.

Do you know how you can avoid unnecessary discomfort, back pain, sore neck, eye strain, etc when working from home? Invest in the right chair. 

Why Do You Need A Quality Chair?

Here's why you should invest in a quality chair:

  • A top-quality ergonomic chair will support your spine, neck, and shoulder thereby mitigating any health issue arising out of an improper posture.
  • Good ergonomic chairs have an additional cushion to support the lumbar region, the lack of which can cause pressure and strain on the muscles and can reduce the blood flow to the spine.
  • They prevent slipped discs and pinched nerves at the back.
  • A good chair saves you the discomfort that has you getting up to flex yourself time and again during work. For what it's worth, it increases your work efficiency and productivity.
  • An ergonomic chair lasts for a considerably long time. So, getting a good quality WFH chair is more economical than replacing cheap chairs at frequent intervals. 

Convinced as to why you should invest in a comfy ergonomic chair for your home office? Let us now help you pick out a great Work From Home chair.

Important Tips To Choose The Best Chair for your Home Office

Here are our two cents on what to look for in a home office chair:

1. Go for chairs that provide complete back support :

Ergonomic chairs are comfy and advantageous for sure, but you should always look for options that provide support at multiple points. This ensures complete back support.

To create a comfortable workspace, go for chairs with reclining options, cushions for lumbar support, and backrests with height adjusting options. These features ensure good posture irrespective of your height and size. 


2. Look for a waterfall design in the seat :

Waterfall seats are those that are designed with a round-shaped front edge. The waterfall design has proven to maintain good posture; the slightly tapering slope offers strong support to the back of the knees and thighs, thereby relieving pressure from those areas.

It also ensures uniform distribution of weight across the seat giving greater comfort. 


3. Proper arm and headrest :

Your arms will be grateful to you if you fit them comfortably in a chair. 

Did you know your arms should be about the same height as your keyboard when you work? 

Failing to support your arms at a proper height causes a lot of discomforts as you have to slouch or shrug your shoulders to fit your elbows on the armrest.

A good chair will support your arms at an appropriate height. 

The headrest is another aspect that's not given due attention by many. A comfortable headrest prevents pressure on the back by supporting your neck, and shoulders.

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4. Go for a height-adjustable chair :

More often than not, we tend to overlook the height of a chair when purchasing a chair. But remember a chair that isn't designed to suit your body can wreak havoc on your back.

The height of the chair impacts its level of comfort. Depending on how tall or short you are, go for the best options that complement your physique.

Sit on the chair and ensure there is no pressure on your upper leg or toes. Always keep in mind that your feet should touch the floor when you sit. This is a parameter to make sure you are buying the correct chair. 

Of course, all of the above can be avoided if you purchase a chair that is height-adjustable so you can alter it as per your needs.

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5. Look for quality material :

There are two popular options available in the material used for home office chairs: mesh office chairs and leatherette office chairs.

  • Leatherette chairs are entirely made of leather except for the legs and frame which are made of heavy-duty plastic or strong metal. 
  • Mesh chairs are made of any material webbed into numerous strands looking like a woven fiber.

Both have their pros and cons. So, analyze their features and decide which one suits your requirements.

Final Words

Needless to say, the WFH model of conducting operations is here to stay for quite some time now, which explains the importance of investing in a comfortable, ergonomic WFH chair.

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