Stay Comfortable and Productive: Shop the Best Work From Home Tables and Chairs


Sitting at your desk can be more harmful than you thought. A study found that we sit for 12 out of 24 hours daily. An average desk-based worker spends 8 hrs at his desk, depriving the body of the required movement. Over a period, this can lead to poor posture, joint pains, muscle fatigue, decreased focus, increased risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and even poor mental health. 

Standing desks and ergonomic furniture can change the game for you. With comfort and flexibility at the heart of the design, ergonomic furniture help with good posture, proper spine alignment, rest for arms and feet, support for the neck and shoulders, and flexibility for the body to move. 

This can affect your focus, productivity, creativity, and health for a happier work environment. In this blog, we will look into the details of work-from-home furniture. 

Types of work-from-home tables and chairs

1. High-back ergonomic chair


Ergonomic chairs are built to support the spine’s natural curve and provide comfort and good posture while sitting. The high-back adjustable chair has all the ergonomic features like an armrest, swivel function, reclination, lock system, and neck support, helping you work comfortably for hours at a stretch. 

By offering maximum support from the lower back up to the head, the high-back chairs are most preferred by remote workers for their comfort and support for good posture leading to increased focus and better productivity. 

2. Standing Desk


Too long sitting hours are unhealthy for you, leading to metabolic syndrome, increased rate of cardiac diseases, and even cancer. So you must get up and move your body periodically. But a valid concern is that your work will be affected. So, to keep you working as you move, switch to standing desks that are made ergonomically. 

With a touch of a button or a simple press of a handle, you can bring the desk up to your standing height and lower it back down whenever you’re ready to sit back on the chair. Working from a standing desk lets the blood circulate well through the body, giving fewer health issues.  

3. Mid-back chair


A mid-back chair has support that ends around the shoulder area and is preferred by people who like to have free movement of their head and neck. 

It has all the features of a high-back chair, thus helping you achieve good sitting posture with great support for a laser-focused workday. 

4. Gaming Chair

gaming chair

A gaming chair is made for gamers but is also suitable for desk workers who like its style and flexibility. 

It comes with lumbar and coccyx support, support for neck and shoulders, adjustable armrests and footrests, height, and angle adjustments, and some even in-built massagers, vibratory motions, and USB ports for charging. 


Benefits of ergonomic design

Ergonomic furniture is designed with the user in mind to give them the best comfort by reducing all the physical strain on various parts of the body. The benefits of using ergonomic furniture include

  • Comfort - the furniture is built around giving the maximum user support for your posture, not to strain or cause any fatigue to the musculoskeletal system. So, with an ergonomic chair and table, comfort is assured. 
  • Productivity - when the body is comfortable at work, there is no room for unnecessary physical strain, letting you have a productive day. 
  • Health and well-being - ergonomic furniture is designed to minimize physical strain and discomfort, which helps prevent chronic diseases caused by less movement, insufficient opportunities to rest, and body aches. 
  • Safety - by design, ergonomic furniture is made with safety as a top priority. So, anything from swivel to reclination and height adjustments is safe for a work environment and less likely to cause accidents. 
  • Inclusivity - the best part of ergonomic furniture is its nature of inclusivity. The table can be adjusted for any user with the various features that are built into it, like height alteration. 

How to choose the best work-from-home furniture: Factors to consider when shopping for ergonomic tables and chairs 

Shopping for a home office desk and chair can be difficult with the umpteen online options. So, keep your checklist handy to know what your priorities are. Of course, if you have the budget for more luxe furniture, you can always explore and even be particular about the type of wood and the manufacturing. But below is a standard list of features in ergonomic furniture you should know that can serve you well in the home office 

Look for the following features in a chair. 

  • Armrests that go up and down, front and back 
  • Height adjustment 
  • Reclamation
  • Locking system  
  • Swivel function 
  • Neck and lumbar support 
  • Mesh fabric for breathability 
  • Soft but firm cushion for a seat 

Look for the following features in a desk

  • Height adjustment
  • Broader board 
  • Storage space 

Other pointers to keep in mind

  • Material of the furniture 
  • Price 
  • Space availability 

Where to buy: Recommendations for places to buy the best work-from-home furniture 

1. The Home Office

The Home Office made its debut in May 2022, during the Pandemic, when it realized there were no furniture manufacturers explicitly addressing the needs of those who needed to work from home.

The Bengaluru-based company caters to youthful, modern, remote professionals with carefully selected, functional, and stylish products. They only use the highest quality raw materials in their products, and all of their products are hand-made by skilled artisans and put through rigorous quality inspections before they make it to your doorstep.  

Check out TheHomeOffice while it’s raining discounts if you like online shopping. 

2. Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder’s innovative e-commerce platform and forward-thinking aesthetic have revolutionized the furniture industry. Started in 2011 by two friends, today, the website is a go-to place for shoppers with a moderate budget.

The firm has specialized supply chain capabilities to handle the massive needs for house furnishings with its network of furniture producers nationwide.

The shop is also a one-stop for furnishing and decorating study and office spaces. 

3. Godrej Interio

The Godrej brand has existed since the 1920s, and most of us likely have fond memories of using at least one of their goods.

Godrej Interior, established in 2006, has expanded from its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of storage cupboards to a palace of furnishings for the residential and commercial markets.

Products from this manufacturer are durable, reliable, and very functional. In addition to affordable home furnishings, they also have a selection of high-quality office desks, ergonomic seats, and accessories.


With the pandemic-induced remote work culture, more and more companies are open to employees performing their work remotely, either hybrid or full-time. 

If you’re one of those who got lucky with a job that lets you work from home, investing in good ergonomic home office furniture is a must. You might not see how your body and health get affected sitting in improper posture without good support. But it will show up in the long run. Invest in desktop accessories like a keyboard, mouse, and footrest to make it more ergonomic for a healthier, happier working experience. 

So, with the information on this blog, I hope you’ll make wise home office purchases that are ergonomically designed for the best comfort.