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Having a study table and chair is not an extravagance but a basic necessity for any home. If you work from home or have school-going children, a good study table and a chair are worth an investment for the bodily comfort you will experience and the increased productivity you will notice.  

We highly recommend purchasing the table and chair together so you enjoy the comfort of working/studying from a good setup. But choosing them can be a tiring task. 

What if someone chose for you to pick your favorite combo easily? We did just that for you! In this blog post, you’ll see our favorite and most purchased combos of study tables and chairs with their features and how they can perfectly fit your requirement.  

Benefits of buying a study table with chair

Buying a study table and chair together can have many benefits if you plan to create a comfortable and productive environment for work and study. 

1. Comfort 

A table and chair complement each other with their design and ergonomic features for maximum comfort. Why choose one and bring home the other after a year of discomfort when you can experience a comfortable work or study environment from the get-go? 

2. Productivity 

A designated space gives you privacy and a great amount of focus on whatever you do at the desk. Focused study or work for periods of time leaves you with enhanced productivity– everyone’s buzzword post-pandemic.  

3. Creativity 

A calm and relaxed mind comes from a comfortable environment often created by way of using the right furniture. This allows creativity to overflow, which can help you excel at work with your brilliant ideas and even when you’re pursuing something on the artistic side.  

4. Aesthetic appeal 

It’s important to buy a table and chair that go together well. Oftentimes, we make the mistake of buying a chair that doesn’t fit into the chair when not in use, or the nonadjustable armrests are quite high for the chair to go under the table. To combat this, try getting a table and chair at one go to see if they complement each other aesthetically and functionally. 

5. Better price 

It’s not a surprise that you get a better price when you purchase them as a combo or bundle. So why not use it to get a table and chair at the best possible rate?  

Explore our wide range of study tables with chairs.

We’ve seen a few chairs and tables that get picked up by our customers quite often. And when we did a little analysis, we understood why they chose what they chose– mainly because their styles matched, the colors married well, and their heights and designs matched. So, we decided to pair them up as a combo so you don’t break your head on this. 

Let’s dive into some of our top-selling study table and chair combos.  

1. Combo- Strongman Executive Desk and Oxford High Back Chair


Classy and chic, this combination of table and high-back chair offers comfort with minimal design. 

The table is made of engineered wood and has dual colors adding a splash of vibrancy to the environment. The dimensions of the table 29.5 X 35.5 X 23.5 (inches) indicates enough room for the chair to fit in seamlessly. 

The high-back chair has all the features of ergonomic furniture for a productive day at work or study.  

Price: INR 16,900

2. Combo- Trent Study Desk and Stunn Chair


Wholesome and functional, this combination of table and chair offers generous storage with convenient seating for a great work/study day. 

The table has a modern design and is made of engineered wood. It has ample storage on the side, leaving ample leg space and room for your chair to fit in when not in use. Sitting on sturdy legs, the table 30 X 40 X 18.5 (inches) is ideal for your home office and study room.

The chair has a steel base and nylon netted mesh for the seat with a medium back. It also includes ergonomic chair features, like the push-back mechanism, height adjustment, armrest, 90-degree tilt lock, and swivel function. 

Price: INR 12,300 

3. Combo- Finly Study Desk and Sydney High Back Chair


Modern and minimal, this combination of a study desk and a high-back chair is suitable as a study or an office desk. Made of engineered wood, the desk is sturdy and has storage for stationery in the form of a drawer. 

The chair is height adjustable with a lumbar support. It has a mesh fabric for breathability and armrests made of PU pad molded seat foam for maximum comfort.  

Price: INR 13,900

4. Combo- Grace Study Desk and Xena Medium Back Chair


Sleek and subtle, this combination of study desk and medium back chair is your best pick if you’re a minimalist. There’s no drama around the table's features, giving you a neat look. This table, 25 X 24 X 18 (inches) brings elegance without taking up a lot of room. 

The medium back chair has a solid steel base with ergonomic features so you don’t experience back aches and strain on your neck. 

Price: INR 11,800 

5. Combo- Pixel 4ft Desk and Lorem Medium Back Chair


Stylish yet modest, this combination of study desk and medium back chair is your go-to if you like keeping things simple. The desk is made of engineered wood and comes with a plank that conceals your clunky cables to help keep things organized. You can combine the desk with other drawers and units in the MICKE series when it's time to revamp your setup. 

The chair has a medium back and comes with all the comfort for an uninterrupted day’s work. 

Price: INR 13,500

Buy an affordable study table with a chair at TheHomeOffice

You’ll see striking differences in the prices of furniture that look and feel quite the same because of a few important factors that impact the price of a piece of furniture you’re interested in. 

At TheHomeOffice, we strive to keep our prices very competitive. We can do that because of our in-house manufacturing unit and excellent dealers for raw materials– all so you get the best furniture in your budget. 

The factors listed below will give you a rough idea of where your money is going. 

  • Material- the material of furniture can have a significant impact on its cost. Tables and chairs made of solid wood like teak, mahogany, cherry, acacia, rosewood, and beech are knowingly pricey because of the nature of the wood and its longevity. If your chair has leather upholstery or the table has an additional glass top, it will cost you much more. On the other hand, pine wood, metal, or plastic material will be budget-friendly. 
  • Manufacturing cost- several costs go into making furniture, including labor, production, and shipping costs. In addition, intricately designed furniture that involves a different production technique will cost way more than a simple one.
  • Features- the more features in a table or chair, the higher the cost will be. For example, a chair with armrests, swivel function, reclining, and height adjustment will cost you more than a simple chair with no additional features. Similarly, a table with storage and height adjustment will be more expensive than a normal one. 
  • Design- furniture that involves more workmanship or comes from the line of a popular designer brand is often highly-priced. 
  • Demand and availability- some tables and chairs perform well in the market. So, because of their constant high demand, it is natural to see a price hike to justify the demand. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does a study table with a chair cost?

Get pricing details from the page: 

2. What are the benefits of using a study table with a chair for working from home?

A study table with a chair provides a comfortable and ergonomic workspace that can help improve productivity and reduce the risk of physical strain or injury. It also helps create a designated workspace to improve focus and reduce distractions.

3. What should I consider when choosing a study table with a chair for working from home?

When choosing a study table with a chair, consider factors such as the size of the table and chair, the material used, the style and design, and the price. You should also consider the height and adjustability of the chair and table to ensure that it is comfortable and ergonomic.

4. Do study tables and chairs come assembled, or do I have to assemble them myself?

It depends on the specific study table and chair you purchase. Some may come fully assembled, while others may require some assembly. Check the product description before purchasing to ensure you are prepared to assemble the furniture if necessary