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Office tables are one of the most important elements of modular furniture. An office table can make all the difference to your productivity and engagement. They are easy to assemble and don't require tools. You can make unique workspaces by mixing and matching components seamlessly. You can even maintain professionalism and keep the desk minimalist. The right office table can help you minimize distractions and increase productivity.

Benefits of Buying Office Tables and Desks for Home Offices and Companies

Here are some of the best reasons to buy office tables and desks:

  • Enhance productivity: We know that our workplaces play an important role in the quality of our work. Uncluttered desks reduce stress and anxiety and help you stay focused. This makes you more productive.
  • Relieves back pain: A modern office desk accompanies storage, is light, has an ergonomic design, etc. to promote good posture. The result is fewer back and spine pains. 
  • Looks attractive: Whatever your style is, office tables upgrade the decorative flair of your work area with their uncluttered design. Also, the intricate carvings on the desk add a touch of elegance to the overall appearance.
  • Professionalism: Different clients visit the office during the day. Without office desks and tables, offices will look unattractive to clients. Tables add aesthetics to an office. Your guests will appreciate it.

Different Types of Office Tables and Desks to Choose From

With our office tables and desks, your office can be more productive and efficient. Pick the level of office table that best fits your space, requirements, and working environment. These are some most common types of office tables.

  • Desk with storage: Office tables with storage can provide a lot of conveniences. An office table with storage can be configured in various ways, with drawers, cabinets, shelving, and attached or detached filing.
  • Height adjustable desks: It is a type of desk that allows you to adjust its height. These are suitable for people who stand and sit for a long time. You must not only choose a desk with a proper mechanism but ensure it is also strong and stable.
  • Computer desks: You can store all your electronic devices on a computer desk. These desks are not limited to computers. When you can focus on your work, you won't need to decorate the remaining space. Moreover, they come in various designs and have keyboard trays that pull out for easy installation.
  • Modern office table: With modern lifestyle and space issues, we design modular office table designs. Their functionality features complement modern technologies and enhance comfort without a doubt. They are also lightweight and space-savvy. 
  • An executive's desk: Our executive office tables are larger than standard desks and resemble pedestal desks. They are attractive and have ample storage space. They have an oversized structure and a huge exterior. Drawers and shelves are included as well.

Buy Affordable Office Desks Online at TheHomeOffice

There is a high cost associated with office furniture. You must choose them carefully. Consider aspects such as price, size, safety, and comfort to move when choosing office tables and desks. At TheHomeOffice, we offer a broad selection of office tables. No matter what your needs are, we have a good office table. Just choose the one you like. We offer high-quality products so that you can shop with complete confidence. Check out the best office tables that TheHomeOffice offers.

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Why You Should Buy Office Tables From TheHomeOffice

TheHomeOffice is a pioneer in the online furniture industry. We only deal with high-quality materials and products. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

All our products are packaged at our warehouses to avoid any kind of damage or tampering. Check our FAQs section to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an office table cost online in India?

An office desk at TheHomeOffice typically costs between Rs 3,700 and Rs 30,000, depending on materials, size, functionality, and finesse. Higher quality office desks costs above 30,000.

What is the ideal height and length of an office table?

A few factors are responsible for the dimensions of your desk, such as your height, the equipment you use, and your position. However, if you're between 5'8" and 5'10" (172.72 to 177.8 cm), you need to use 28 inches (71.12 cm).

How to find the right office table for your requirements?

Office tables are relatively easy to choose. You should look at the table's aesthetics and think about its purpose. Also, ensure that it gets people up and moving. It should optimize your workspace and pick colors that match the environment.

Do you provide any special discounts on office tables ? 

If your company is enrolled with us in the Corporate Discount programme, you will be eligible for special corporate discounts. To check if your company is enrolled in the program, give us a call at our customer care number 8880656565 or email us at

Is Cash On Delivery facility available for office tables?

TheHomeOffice accepts all major credit and debit cards as a mode of payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept Cash On Delivery payments currently.