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There is no doubt that cafe chairs have always been an integral part of cafes. Adding cafe chairs to your cafeteria or restaurant will add a class to your venue. No matter where the cafe is situated, the seating arrangement is critical to enhancing its decorative appeal. Further, they do more than convey a mood and feel; but also immerse your customers in the sense of comfort and coziness.

So, to make online shopping convenient, you can visit TheHomeOffice, which offers great prices and a large selection of cafe chairs. We have cafeteria chairs for you whether you need something fancy or modern. Browse our selection now.

Benefits of Buying a Good Quality cafe chair 

  • Sturdy and durable:  A café chair is made of solid wood, making it extremely durable. They are highly durable and stay functional for several decades. Therefore, they don't need to be replaced frequently.
  • Nice looking: Even though the chairs are beautiful, the carvings make them even more appealing. They will look great in any cafe, whether it is modern or contemporary.
  • Even though the chairs are beautiful, the carvings  make them even more appealing. They will look great in any cafe, whether it is modern or contemporary.
  • Even though the chairs are lovely, the carvings  make  them even more appealing. A choice of colors  and patterns makes these chairs easy to match with  any decor and look fantastic around any table.  These  chairs are designed to create a relaxed feel  and draw admirers.
  • Easy to maintain: Cafe chairs are also easy to maintain. They will stay functional and attractive for a very long time, preventing fungus and termites.
  • Flexible: Cafe chairs come in various shapes, types, and finishes. It is therefore not difficult to find the right one for your cafe.

Top qualities of a cafe chair to consider before buying

​​​​Cafe chairs should be comfortable and stylish at the same time. They shouldn't be randomly selected. After all, your visitors should know you selected the cafe chairs carefully. This will help them feel at ease while they are in your cafe.

Hence, you should consider a few things before buying cate chairs.

  • Quality: It may be tempting to buy lower-costing chairs but avoid it. Quality always wins. Marginally priced chairs are cheap in quality and will wear quickly, requiring repeated replacements. They also look shabby. Get cafe chairs that are sturdy and not too expensive.
  • Style: Style is often overshadowed by durability. You need to be careful. It is not attractive to visit a dark, drab place. Your cafe chairs should be stylish and classy. It doesn't have to be in the latest style but should still be appealing. Cafés with flea market chairs are not appealing to anyone.
  • Theme: Cafes must have unified layouts. Before purchasing appealing cafe chairs, you must decide on a theme and color scheme. Your cafe chairs should then reflect that theme.
  • Convenience: People enjoy spending quality time in cafes. That is why you should choose cafe chairs that are comfortable and won't cause backaches. They should provide back support and be at the right height. Try sitting on them for half an hour to understand how they feel. 
  • Price range: Create a budget whenever you start a business. Make sure your cafe chairs and other furniture fit your budget. Keep your competition at bay by not overdoing it. It will backfire later. Opt for a functional, comfortable, and affordable chair.

Buy affordable cafe chairs at TheHomeOffice

Buying cafe chairs online may seem odd initially, but it is often the best choice because of its availability, ease of purchase, and cost. With TheHomeOffice, you'll enjoy 24-hour customer service, fast delivery, and an array of design choices. You no longer need to scour the store for the perfect cafe chair when you can place an order online and receive it for free delivery.

Our convenient return policy, detailed product descriptions, and helpful support team make shopping online with TheHomeOffice a great experience.

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Why You Should Buy Cafe Chairs From TheHomeOffice

TheHomeOffice is a pioneer in the online furniture industry. We only deal with high-quality materials and products. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

All our products are packaged at our warehouses to avoid any kind of damage or tampering. Check our FAQs section to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cafe chair cost?

It's not necessary to buy expensive chairs to make a good impression, though you may need to buy several of them depending on the size of your café. With TheHomeOffice, you can buy the best cafe chairs for as little as Rs 4,500.

Why should you buy a comfortable cafe chair from TheHomeOffice?

Cafés are as many social meeting spots as coffee shops. Visitors enjoy coming in to visit with their friends, meet for book club meetings, and of course, work here. Thus, it is very important to purchase a comfortable cafe chair to ensure that they are comfortable while sitting and will not experience pain. 

How to find the right cafe chair for your requirements?

First and foremost, determine the type of chair that best fits the architecture and style of the location. You should consider the space available in your restaurant, the demographics of the customers, and the traffic volume. Check out the durability, design, and other features. Then choose your cafe chair and table design accordingly.

Do you provide any special discounts on Cafe Chairs ? 

If your company is enrolled with us in the Corporate Discount programme, you will be eligible for special corporate discounts. To check if your company is enrolled in the program, give us a call at our customer care number 8880656565 or email us at

Is Cash On Delivery facility available for Cafe Chairs?

TheHomeOffice accepts all major credit and debit cards as a mode of payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept Cash On Delivery payments currently.