Are Gaming Chairs Worth Buying? 5 Things to Consider Before You Shop

Alright, so we all know that gaming chairs are a staple in any gamer's den, but have you ever wondered if they're really worth buying? Aren't normal office chairs good enough? Well, let's break it down and find out.

You've seen those big, bulky, cushiony chairs that look like they belong in a race car, right? That's where the idea for gaming chairs came from! Gaming chairs made their first appearance in 2006 (pretty recent) and have since changed gaming for the better. But first,

What is a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a type of chair designed exclusively for gamers. It has all sorts of specific (and fancy) features that support a gamer's posture, usage, flexibility, and style. 

Gaming chairs can be widely categorized into three types 

  • PC gaming chairs 
  • Platform gaming chairs 
  • Hybrid gaming chairs

Of these, the PC or computer gaming chairs are the widely used ones and resemble our comfortable office chairs and would be our topic of discussion in this post. 

Why should you invest in a gaming chair? 

Gaming chairs are basically like your typical office chair but with a heap of added features. For example, they usually come with lumbar and coccyx support, upper and lower back support, headrests for neck and shoulder support, adjustable armrests, footrests, and different height and angle adjustments. These features are designed to provide maximum comfort and support during long hours of gaming.

Now, here's where it gets really cool - some of the higher-end ergonomic gaming chairs come with even more features. I'm talking back massagers, vibratory motions, USB ports for charging or plugging in your devices, and even surround sound. How cool is that?

So, if you’re a serious gamer, a gaming chair is an excellent investment considering the ROI in terms of comfort and ergonomic benefits for your overall health. 

5 things to consider while buying a gaming chair 

1. Ergonomic  

Finding a gaming chair that supports your body, helps you maintain good posture, and prevents discomfort from sitting for long hours is crucial. 

A chair with lumbar support, a backrest, and a headrest can help alleviate discomfort and prevent pain. Additionally, adjustable armrests that let you move the handle front and back, up and down, and side to side, can help you find a more natural position for your arms, which can also help reduce strain.

2. Comfort 

A good gaming chair should be comfortable, with features like a tilt function that allows you to recline and relax between gaming sessions at 130-180 degrees. Locking the position can be especially helpful for taking a quick nap. 

The 360-degree swivel is a nice feature that allows you to move freely and quickly grab things from around the room. Plus, it lets you enjoy a spin when you’ve just beaten your favorite player online!

3. Adjustability 

Adjustability is another important feature because you don’t want to feel stuck in a chair that doesn’t do any basic functions. 

Almost every part of the chair is usually adjustable, starting from the height. For example, the lever or button should let you adjust the seat height so you can sit comfortably at an angle where your feet touch the floor at 90 degrees. 

In addition, pick a chair with an adjustable armrest for resting your arms in their preferred position. The tilt feature is another important one to look for, as your back and neck might want some change in position. 

4. Build quality 

All is well until you realize you’ve invested in a chair whose frame is falling apart, and the upholstery is notwithstanding your everyday use. 

A high-quality gaming chair with a solid metal base and a comfortable, supportive seat will be sturdy and durable.

PVC leather is your best option for upholstery, although it's pricey. The material is smooth yet rigid, durable, and springs back, maintaining the shape and appearance of the seat over time. On the other hand, PU leather is quite common in gaming chairs but often doesn't handle sweat, traps heat, and tends to get slippery. There’s also mesh fabric that some gamers prefer for its breathability and easy maintenance. 

Trying out will help you decide what works best for you. 

5. Price 

Everything finally boils down to how much your budget for the gaming chair is. While a decent chair’s market price could be between $50 and $100, an advanced (read luxurious)  racing-style gaming chair with all the features on your checklist can go upwards of $200. 

To arrive at a figure, evaluating the hours you spend each day on your gaming chair, your involvement with gaming, and if it’s absolutely time to get a chair that looks and suits your gaming setup is generally helpful. Of course, added features are always nice to have, but considering how much of a difference it would make can help you arrive at your budget. 

Nice-to-have features 

Below are some nice-to-have features in an adjustable gaming chair that will offer an immersive experience, but of course, with a cost. They add extra comfort and give you a wholesome look as you step into your gaming den every time. 

  • Built-in surround sound 
  • Vibratory functions
  • USB ports 
  • Back massager 
  • Cup holder 
  • Side pockets for your phone and wallet 
  • Detachable pillows 
  • Integrated footrest 

Best gaming chairs of 2023 

1. Racer Gaming Chair In Leatherette With Adjustable Lumbar Cushion 


Made with high-quality leatherette, this Racer Gaming Chair comes with an adjustable neck, lumbar cushion, and wide and plush seating to support long hours of gaming. The reclining feature lets you go from 90 to 180 during battles that go hours long, and you just cannot miss a second. In addition, the build is sturdy to withstand the rigors of regular use.   

Price: INR 14,500 

2. Lazer Pro Gaming Chair With Leg Support In Knitted Mesh Fabric 


This ergonomically designed Lazer Pro Gaming Chair comes with an integrated footrest and adjustable headrest. In addition, the mesh fabric enhances breathability, so you don’t feel hot in the middle of your final game. 

Price: INR 20,100

Final Words

In conclusion, investing in a good gaming chair is wise considering the ergonomic benefits like neck and back support, headrest, adjustable arms, footrest, swivel function, and reclining feature for gaming sessions that go hours long. 

Plus, you'll look super cool sitting in a chair that looks like it belongs in a race car or a sci-fi movie. 

So, whether a casual or professional gamer, owning a gaming chair can elevate your gaming experience without sacrificing comfort and health.