8 Reasons Why You Should Use a Laptop Stand

Working in a disorganized environment not only gives mental strain, but also physical pain. A report given by The Economic Times after a survey states that eight in ten employees complain about body pain while working from home and it is mainly because of incorrect working tools.

Apart from proper furniture installation and set-up, we also need proper tools and organizers like “a laptop stand” in order to avoid future body pain for which improper set-up can be the main reason.

Just because we want to have a proper set-up to avoid physical strain doesn’t only mean that we need to invest or put in a lot of money on a new table.

What is a laptop stand?

A laptop stand is a device designed to elevate and position a laptop computer at a more ergonomic height and angle while in use. This can help to reduce strain on the user's neck, shoulders, and eyes and improve posture.

Here’s an example of laptop stand:

It is mainly used to elevate or demote the laptop by placing it on top of the stand for comfort and more productivity.

Why use a laptop stand?

There are various benefits and advantages to why you need to invest in a laptop stand.

Listed below are a few of the many benefits of using a laptop stand:

1. Flexible adjustment mechanism

A laptop stand can come with various mechanisms and one of them is an adjustable system where in you can adjust the laptop stand to your comfort to reduce physical strains.

A laptop stand can be adjusted from 12 degrees to 35 degrees and a study conducted by ART news, reports that 15 degrees is the ideal adjustment range.

2. Portability

A laptop stand is a relatively small and lightweight product which makes it ideal and very easy to handle and carry around anywhere. It can be slightly bigger than your laptop and can be carried in your office bag very easily.

3. Improve posture

Using a laptop stand can help improve posture by raising the laptop to a more ergonomic height, reducing the strain on the neck and shoulders caused by looking down at a low-lying laptop screen.

4. Reduce strain on the user's neck, shoulders, and eyes

By elevating the laptop screen to a more ergonomic height, it can help prevent the user from hunching over or straining their neck and shoulders while using the laptop.

This can help to reduce pain and discomfort in these areas, as well as reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

5. Surface friendly

Laptop stands are flat and since they’re adjustable, they can be placed on any flat surface, adjusted to your comfort, and used efficiently.

It reduces strain caused by working on the laptop for continuous hours and makes you more productive as well.

6. Budget-friendly

Most laptop stands are inexpensive and very much affordable. Since it has various benefits and more pros than cons, investing in a good, high-quality laptop stand will be very much of use.

Eight important reasons why you should use a laptop stand

While there are more pros than cons in investing in a laptop stand, some may still not be convinced.

Below are eight important reasons why you must invest in a laptop stand for your home office: 

1. Reduces physical strain/stress

One of the many reasons for developing neck pain and back pain can be caused by the improper use of laptops.

When working for long hours and the laptops are not placed at the right angle for working it caused your body to adjust to the improper angle of the laptop which can lead to physical muscle strain.

But when you use a laptop stand, and since it has various adjustable mechanisms, it helps you to adjust the laptop to your body's comfort and work with ease. It helps you avoid the unwanted muscle strain you get from improper posture and position.

2. Comfortability

As mentioned before laptop stands have a high adjustment mechanism and function that lets you adjust the angle of your laptop to your comfort. It helps you maintain a good posture while you work.

This lets you work for long hours without letting your body or muscle get strained.

3. Reduces eye strain

One of the many reasons why an individual develops eye problems can also be the cause of eye strain due to improper usage of a laptop. By using a laptop stand, one can also adjust their laptop height to their eye level in order to reduce straining of the eye muscles. 

Eye strain may lead to less productivity because of the pain when looking at the laptop screen. But laptop stands prevent your muscles from getting strained and sensitive.

4. Increases productivity

When your body is in comfort, it tends to be able to work more and be more productive. This helps you a lot in contributing to your company’s growth.

5. Affordable

Laptop stands are highly affordable and budget-friendly. There are a variety of ranges for laptop stands.

So, choose the one that fits your budget.

6. Helps your laptop from getting heated

Some surfaces where you place your laptop blocks the air from reaching the laptop which makes your laptop get heated. When the laptop gets too heated, then it reduces the durability of the battery and makes it less usable. 

When you use a laptop stand, it elevates your laptop from the surface and makes the airflow much more reachable, and keeps your laptop from getting heated.

7. Makes your workspace more organized

Using a laptop stand reduces the space you take up on your desk and also makes it look more organized.

Organizing your workspace properly helps you be more productive and helps you concentrate well. An organized workspace is an important factor for productivity.

8. Advanced features and mechanism

These days there are laptop stands that are available with a variety of features and mechanisms.

Some of them are laptop stands with smartphone holders/ stand and cup holders, extra USB ports, and small drawers for extra storage space,  some expensive laptop stands now also come with cooler fans and LED lights for aesthetic purposes, etc.

Final words

Investing in a laptop stand for your home office can be one of the best decisions you could make because of its various advantages, mechanism, features, and usage. It helps you be satisfied which in turn helps you become more productive than before. It improves your posture which makes you work with ease and comfort. It comes with different shapes, sizes, materials, and functions.