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Are you tired of lugging around your laptop, putting them on your lap and working uncomfortably? For the majority of professionals working with a laptop, it is quite a common occurrence.

TheHomeOffice has a perfect solution for your laptop woes. 

Get great deals on laptop stands and additional accessories online from TheHomeOffice .

The adjustable and sturdy laptop stand is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment, and is bound to change your work game completely! It is infinitely more comfortable and great for your health too. 

Instantly improve your posture, keep your workstation looking neat, and increase productivity with our range of laptop accessories.

No matter if you are working from your home office or regular office set up, a reliable laptop stand will definitely improve your quality of work.

It is time to stop using an impromptu stack of books or boxes to prop up your laptop. Try the range of laptop accessories at TheHomeOffice. Ensure safety, stability and aesthetics!

A Number Of Products For All Your Needs

Looking for laptop accessories and stands to spruce up your workstation? You are at the perfect place. TheHomeOffice provides quality and premium laptop stands and accessories to suit all your office needs.

Our ergonomically designed range of laptop stands and other accessories are easy to use and can be used for laptops and tablets alike. Choose from multiple premium options like portable laptop stands, folding tables, movable and adjustable laptop tables, wireless keyboard and mouse, extension cords and more.

Portable Laptop Stand

We do a lot on our laptops. So, why not do them from the comfort of wherever you want? The range of portable laptop stands from TheHomeOffice is a perfect piece of equipment for you if you move around a lot with your laptop.

With features like ergonomic design, anti-slip protection, ventilation to prevent overheating and multi-angle adjustment and more, the portable laptop stands are sure to improve the quality of your work.

Folding Tables

If you are someone who takes your laptop stand with you to the office and for meetings, an easy-to-carry laptop stand can be your best friend. Our range of completely collapsible laptop stands is easy to carry and manipulate.

With great features like non-skid silicone pads for protection, a completely foldable zig-zag design, open architecture to improve ventilation, and multi-angle tilt to improve your posture, the foldable laptop stands will be a great addition to your workspace.

Movable and Adjustable Laptop Tables

Simple, sleek and to the point. The range of movable and adjustable laptop stands from TheHomeOffice is perfect if you are looking for a no-nonsense laptop stand.

Made with premium-quality materials, strong metal pipes, the movable and adjustable laptop stand is a perfect addition to work at your own convenience. The ergonomically designed table has high-quality castor wheels with integrated safety wheel locks. Spin, glide, tilt and more with the flexible design. 

The range of laptop stands also provides an adjustable height feature to further increase your comfort.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Get rid of the hassle of multiple wires and tangling. Switch to our range of wireless keyboards and mouse and enjoy true wireless freedom.

With the latest technology ensuring fast and secure connection with no delays up to a decent distance, this combo will be your perfect companion. Made to be ultra click silent, use it comfortably in your office, home or public.

Extension Cords

The biggest hassle of using laptops, tablets or any electronic equipment is making sure they are charged properly. With everyone using one or more electronic devices nowadays, sockets getting overburdened is an everyday occurrence. But not anymore.

Choose from our range of extension cords with multiple sockets. The product comes equipped with a surge protector, universal socket and heavy-duty cable.

Forget the risk of voltage fluctuations ruining your electronic products. Safeguard your appliances against power surges with our range of reliable, durable and easy-to-connect extension cords.

Why Choose TheHomeOffice For Buying Laptop Stands And Accessories?

With more than 15 years of experience working with top corporations, TheHomeOffice is the perfect place for all your office furniture. Acting as a one-stop for all your office space needs, we provide a highly curated list of premium products.

Our laptop stand and accessories provide features like:

  • Height adjustable: Using a laptop with a height adjusting feature allows you to raise your equipment to your eye level. This will take off a significant amount of strain from your neck and upper back.
  • Ergonomic design: Crafted, especially with your comfort in mind, the ergonomic design of the laptop stands from TheHomeOffice will ensure proper positioning and posture and provide extra comfort.
  • Affordable: The range of laptop accessories from TheHomeOffice is affordable without compromising on quality.
  • Ventilation: The laptop stands by TheHomeOffice  proper ventilation to ensure your laptop doesn't overheat and the heat is dissipated.
  • Portable: The laptop stands and accessories from TheHomeOffice are crafted with portability in mind. With designs that can be easily manipulated to compact visions, take the added comfort with you wherever you go.

TheHomeOffice also provides additional services like:

  • Free shipping for orders above INR 1995.
  • World-class customer care service.
  • Corporate discount programme for corporates with more than 500 employees.
  • Quality assurance as products are packaged at our own warehouses to ensure it is not tampered with.
  • Transparent payment gateways and return policy.
  • Responsibly sourced and high-quality imported raw materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy laptop stands online from TheHomeOffice ?

 You can buy Work from home table and chairs from the official website of TheHomeOffice.

  • Please test if your organisation is registered for a corporate discount, you could create an account on TheHomeOffice. website with the aid of the usage of your reliable company email.
  •  Validate your email by logging in and clicking on the link sent to you.
  •  From the drop-down menu, click on laptop stands and find your desired product.
  • Add your desired product to the cart.
  • Update your address and contact information
  • Initiate your fee through the payment gateway. Once the fee is confirmed, you will receive an order no.
  • You can check your order status towards your order ID for tracking until the consignment is added to you.

Do you provide any special discounts on laptop stands and accessories?

We do provide seasonal sales and promotions for our products. If your company is enrolled with us in the Corporate Discount programme, you will be eligible for special corporate discounts. 

To check if your company is enrolled in the program, Give us a call at our customer care number 8880656565 or email us at

Is Cash On Delivery facility available? 

TheHomeOffice accepts all major credit and debit cards as a mode of payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept Cash-On-Delivery.

What is your return policy for online purchases?

Assuming that the item is harmed or damaged, kindly raise a return demand within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise.

  • You can raise the return demand with us over the telephone, email or WhatsApp (8880656565 for call and WhatsApp, and for email)
  • Any item received back to us should be in similar condition as gotten in its packaging, receipt and label.
  •  Returns will be acknowledged provided that the items are in unused condition and have not previously been collected or installed.

     Returns/Trade through messenger

  • Substitution through dispatch will be finished items with the same cost as the item being returned.
  • After the product is received and checked, we will handle a discount/substitution within fourteen days of receipt of the merchandise. 

What are the benefits of using a laptop stand?

Using a laptop stand can provide many benefits like:

  • Better posture
  • Better vision
  • Ease on the neck and back
  • Portability
  • Height adjustability
  • Prevent occupational injuries