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If you often find yourself sitting at the desk for a long time, then you need to be extra careful. Sitting for a very long period can be bad for your posture and overall health. So, if you are hunched over your workstation for the stretch of eight hours daily, then you must consider buying a height-adjustable desk. 

The purpose of a height-adjustable desk is to allow you to work in standing and sitting positions based on your preference. Sitting for very long puts pressure on your back, and it is bad for blood flow to your legs. 

Wondering where you can buy high-quality height-adjustable desks online?

The answer lies with the TheHomeOffice, you will find a wide variety of height-adjustable desks that are well-suited for all your comfort needs. 

Choose From Our Wide Collection Of Sit-Stand Desks On TheHomeOffice

At TheHomeOffice , you can buy from the choicest variety of sit-stand desks. Ranging from Compact Manual desks to Single Motor desks, you will find the right fit for you. 

Our wide collection is not just versatile but also quite affordable. With robust features imbibed in all our sit-stand desks, you can count on us for the best experience. Let us now see some of the varieties we offer:

Manual Sit and Stand Desk

The Manual Sit and Stand Desk is one of our superb desks. It has eco-friendly particleboard that is heavy-duty and moisture resistant. 

The desk offers adjustable height that facilitates maximum comfort level and adaptability. The desk also has a detachable crank that can manually drive the desk to the position you want. This feature helps in saving space. 

The desk also offers the feature of levelling feet, such that you do not face levelling issues on uneven surfaces. 

Electric Sit Stand Desk

The Electric Sit Stand Desk is a must-have for you as it is enriched with various robust features. It has an easy-to-use press controller that makes the height adjustment very easy. 

Just like its manual counterpart, it also offers levelling to adapt to any floor surface. It also has a higher lifting power and does not make much noise. 

The height adjustability is also very smooth and offers great comfort and fosters all the requirements. 

Why You Must Use A Height-Adjustable Desk? 

Unlike a usual desk, height-adjustable desks work on your will. With the help of such desks, you can give some special treatment to your body. 

Although most people do not realize but sitting for very long causes a plethora of diseases and disorders like obesity, diabetes, slow metabolism, etc. So, by using a height-adjustable desk, you can work for a long time without hurting your health. 

Some benefits of using a height-adjustable desk are:

  • Reduction in back & neck problems

It is not uncommon to hear complaints of backaches and neck pain amongst office workers. A study revealed that people who suffer from chronic back pain can greatly benefit from height-adjustable desks. Such desks can also reduce pain in the upper back and neck by a great margin. 

  • Reduction in muscle problems

People tend to get sore muscles when they sit for a very long time. With the help of height-adjustable desks, they can stand whenever they feel like they have sat for too long and continue working. 

  • Productivity Improvement

Since a height-adjustable desk offers ulterior comfort, it improves productivity and you can get more work done in a fewer number of hours. 

This is not where the list of benefits ends. In addition to these, some other benefits are burning extra calories, a lower risk of developing cardiovascular problems, and improvement of posture. 

Why TheHomeOffice is The Best Place to Buy Height Adjustable Desks Online?

If you wish to double down on your benefits, then we suggest you buy your height-adjustable desk from TheHomeOffice. Here, our chief priority is your convenience. We do not only offer a fabulous range of height-adjustable desks at an affordable price but we also offer smooth shipping facilities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do standing desks burn calories?

Yes, with the help of standing desks, you can burn calories as you can stand and work whenever needed. The human body burns more calories while standing than sitting. 

Which height adjustable desk is best?

The standing desk should be at your elbow’s height for maximum convenience. 

Which is better: Manual height adjustable desk or electric height adjustable desk?

Both types of desks offer their own set of benefits. You should make the final call based on your budget and requirements. 

Are height-adjustable desks healthier?

Undoubtedly, height adjustable desks are healthier compared to usual desks because they can help you move around more. This prevents all the diseases caused by prolonged sitting. 

How to set adjustable desk height?

To set the adjustable desk height correctly, you can use the crank on the manual desk and press-control on the electric desk. 

Are height-adjustable desks worth it?

Height-adjustable desks can help with improving your posture and alleviate backaches, neck pain, and issues like obesity, low metabolism, and even diabetes. So, yes they are surely worth it. 

What is the maximum weight load that any type of adjustable desk can hold?

The weight-holding capacity of adjustable desks varies from type to type, but the absolute maximum weight that an adjustable desk can hold is around 150 kgs approximately.